Loose Skin on Abdomen, Thighs and Arms

I've lost 117 lbs and have loose skin on my abdomen area, thighs and arms. No matter how much I work out, I'm not seeing much success. Also, can work be done on all three areas at the same time? Best Regards,

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Surgery after massive weight loss for excess abdominal, thigh and arm skin

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Given that amount of weight loss it is likely you would need a belt lipectomy (an abdominoplasty tummy tuck that is extended around the back and is designed to be hidden by a bikini type brief). It was one of the most dramatic procedures we do in plastic surgery in terms of the degree of difference before and after surgery. Consequently it has the greatest physiologic impact on the patient as well. Therefore I take 1 to 2 months to prepare these patients for surgery.

If the overhanging skin does not completely cover the pubic area I generally perform the procedure in my office operating room followed by a few days at an aftercare facility. If there is so much excess tissue that the pubic area is completely covered I prefer to do that surgery in the hospital. Either way you are looking at 1 to 3 days of nursing care after surgery.

I do not perform any other procedures such as liposuction at the same time. I have found this to be the safest approach and safety should be everyone's first priority.

The belt lipectomy tightens the thigh skin to some extent. In many cases a separate inner thigh incision is placed to raise the inner thigh-a Medial Thigh Lift. This is usually done at a separate surgery in order to allow for the thigh tightening of the belt lipectomy to take effect. The incision is designed to be hidden in the crease where the inner thigh meets the torso. If the skin excess severe an additional vertical incision is placed along the inner thigh. The removal of excess arm skin (brachioplasty) can be done at this time or tightening surgery on the upper half of the torso.

This is the usual sequence of surgery that I follow. You can work out 6 times a day and you might get larger muscles but it will do nothing to shrink the excess skin.

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