Procedure for Correcting Mildy Tubular Breasts?

I have been researching this condition and believe I have it. I know it's common to correct it with breast implants, however, I don't really want an increase in size, just a better shape. I have read that an areola reduction can result in a slight lift and also skin tightness. What would you suggest?

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Tubular breasts and fat grafting

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the  mainstay of treatment for tubular breasts is to release the dense, abnormal connections maintaining the breast in a tube like form and back filling with an implant to prevent recurrence. I have almost abandoned this technique and instead do a percutaneous needle release of the tissue followed by fat grafting with breast tissue expansion as an adjunct. occasinally areolar reduction will be done for aesthetic purposes but rarely and never as an attempt alone to correct the deformity. 

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Management of constricted or tuberous (tubular) breasts

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I have used the circumareolar approach for areolar reduction with dual plane dissection, radial relaxing incisions and submuscular placement of high profile silicone breast implants in many cases of constricted or tuberous breasts

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Tubular breast surgery

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Mildly tubular breasts can definitely be corrected without implants. An areola reduction is exacly what's done, and it will make the breast less tubular. However, without an implant you may have a decrease in the projection of your breasts. Another issue is insurance coverage with tubular breasts. Check with your insurance company to see if they'll cover it as all insurance complanies are different. Good luck!

It does not always require an implant

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The tuberous or constricted breast comes in varying degrees. In some women all they have is a protruding areola with minimal breast shape where in others it is a mild tightness of the lower part of the breast. In cases where there is ample breast tissue there are procedures that can be performed through an incision around the areola. Discuss your concerns with a local board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in treating your condition.

Dr Edwards

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