What Procedure Will Correct What Matrix Rf Has Done to my Skin?

I have had 5 sessions of matrix rf and it made my skin plump but 3 months after my 5th session my skin sunk in and now the ice pick scars, rolling scars, box scars are now deeper. What procedure will fix this? I have medium asian skin and I need help in correcting this. I need a doctor near the bay area CA to help me. I had a few consultations, but I feel they just want my money and just offer me another set of laser procedures. Help please.

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Correcting Acne Scars

Matrix RF is really not a laser. It uses radio frequency which is supposed to enhance the skin by stimulating collagen. What you should keep in mind is that lasers are able to accomplish specific objectives by using specific wavelengths.

Fraxel Dual, which is indicated for all skin colors, uses 2 wavelengths. One is the 1550nm. And the other is the 1927. These longer wavelengths are intended to cause deliberate heating to the dermis so that new collagen fibers can reliably develop.

You may want to consider a treatment plan that incorporates dermal fillers to fill in the depressions as more of an immediate solution, while having Fraxel Dual treatments to help fade out the acne scars by creating healthy new forms of collagen

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Worse acne scars after matrix resurfacing

You're describing a very unusual experience. You might wish to schedule a consulation with Dr. Richard Gloagau in San Francisco, an extremely experienced dermatologic surgeon who has lectured and published on resurfacing.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Sunken after radiofrequency treatments for acne scars

I would suggest a combination of filling and subcision for the scars. You will need some type of volumizing to improve this condition. There are unique ways that you can improve acne scarring.

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Acne scarring in ethnic skin

Acne scarring in ethnic skin is one of the most challenging condition to treat as aggressive ablative laser resurfacing can lead to post-treatment pigmentation. A combination of fractional CO2 laser resurfacing followed by series of Nd:Yag based laser therapy to stimulate collagen and minimize pigmentation can be helpful under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist familiar with ethnic skin.

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