What Procedure Will Change the Size and Shape of my Nipples with Minimal Scars? (photo)

I am 24years old, 115lbs, 5'7", I have had 3 children and recently gotten a breast aumentation. I have silicone implants above the muscle. I love the size and shape of them but I hate my nipples. They are oblong and just terrible looking. Therefore I would like to know if there is a procedure that can fix the appearance of my nipple with minimal scarring? I am especially concerned about nipple surgery with my implants above the muscle, should I be?

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A smaller implant might be just right

Your nipples have been pushed from behind into this shape because of your implants.  You may not be happy with my advice but I would recommend a smaller implant placed behind the muscle and let the look of your nipples correct themselves with this new result.  (And they will)

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Nipple areolar correction

You could have a circumareolar reduction and, while this may heal beautifully, each operation has its own risk of scarring. It would not be contraindicated by the implants. However. I would advise living with your recently augmented new breasts for a bit before undergoing additional surgery. I also agree that the areolae are disproportionately narrow with respect to the new volume of the breasts as opposed to being excessively large.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Avoid surgery / No scars

Your areolas appear to be oblong due to asymmetric contraction. This may be temporary especially if your subglandular breast augmentation was fairly recent.  Overall you have an very nice result and the resultant scars from a areolar reduction will most likely bother you more, especially if they become raised or widened.  There is also no guarantee that it will correct the original contraction problem and it could possibly lead to areolas of different sizes. There is a saying in plastic surgery:  Better is the enemy of good.

Lawrence W. Shaw, MD
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Correction of nipple areolar complex

I agree with the previous comments, but I would like to add a few things.  First, the scars would not have to go all around the areola (the pigmented part around the nipple which you feel is too oblong).  It only has to be where skin would be removed to round it out.

Second, despite the comment about scars being variable, which is true, it is still more than likely that you would be very happy with this procedure.  If you are ok with the scar from the augmentation, and if your surgeon does a good correction of this, I think you will feel it was definitly worth it.

All surgery has risks, but with this procedure the risks are low.  Despite careful measuring, the result may not be perfectly circular--for several reasons.

Lastly, this is a relatively simple operation, and can be easily performed in the office without sedation, if your surgeon is gentle.  It shouldn't cost very much, somewhere in the range of $1,000-$2000 would be reasonable, in my opinion.  If it bothers you and you can afford it, I would encourage you to do it.  Good luck.

Joseph Rabson, MD (retired)
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Changing nipple size

The only way to reduce the size of the areola is to excise the skin circumferentially, which ultimately leaves a scar. The scar can be barely noticeable in some patients, but there is no guarantee you would have the same result.

Donna Rich, MD
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Areola reduction?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, the only way to  predictably change the size and/or the shape of your areola is to remove areola skin circumferentially.  This procedure will serve to make the areola more circular and/or smaller. However,  The procedure involves an incision and scarring around the areola. The scarring will always be visible and potentially bothersome.

Overall, I would suggest that you avoid this type of surgery;  you may be more concerned about the scarring/pigment change etc. after the surgery then you are about the shape of the areola  currently.

You state that you “recently” at best augmentation surgery.  I was certainly wait several months before making any decisions about any further surgery.

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Changing areola shape

Technically what you see as oblong are the areolas, not the nipples.  Your photos show you in various states of contraction so I can't say exactly but you could do a periareolar mastopexy to make them rounder.  The only problem is that the narrow dimension locks you in and your overall areola diameter might look too small on your very large implants.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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