What Procedure is Right for Me if I Want to Breastfeed Again?

I am a 30 yr old mother of 2 with saline overs (about 180cc.) Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, my implants are quite saggy and I have stretchmarks and rippling. I'm very unhappy with the appearance of my breasts.

My husband and I are done with children for now, but there is a chance we would have another baby in 6-7 years. In the meantime, what is my best option? Would getting larger silicone implants help or do I need to wait and get a breast lift when I know we're done with babies?

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Breast Revision

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The safest thing to do is wait until all children decisions are finished.  But, if you want to enjoy them now, then get a decision from your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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Breast lift may compromise ability to breast feed

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Greetings, It's hard to determine the optimal procedure to improve the aesthetics of your breasts without seeing a photo. If your nipple-areola complex is droopy, larger implants will make your breasts larger, but won't fix your sagginess. In that circumstance, you need a breast lift. If you get a breast lift, there is a high likelihood you will not be able to breast feed in the future.

Breast lift, Breast feeding.

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Your implants are quite small and rippling, so if a fuller size is appropriate for you, larger silicone implants will help. If the sagging is not too bad a periareolar lift should not interfere with breast feeding, but you may still want a more complete lift after you have finished having your children.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Revision Breast Surgery

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It is very difficult to say what procedure would be best for you without first examining you.  Sometimes getting larger implants helps but because you say above "my implants are quite saggy", I would assume that  you may need something else performed.  I normally don't recommend "over the muscle" breast augmentation but have helped many patients with revisionary surgery after breast feeding changes with the breast.  I would recommend having someone with experience examine you and give you good advice.

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