Procedure Suggestions for Asymmetrical Face?

The right side of my face looks totally different from my left (the side I prefer). I'm not sure what surgery(would only get one if any) would make my face more symmetrical. I am just really uncomfortable and unconfident and I really am looking to correct something to make it as good as it can get without getting so many procedures. I thought it was my lack of cheekbones, then my nose, then my jaw. So lost, Please help!

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Facial Asymmetry

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Everyone's face has some asymmetry.  It appears that the two sides of your midface area are asymmetrical with different amounts of volume.  While photos are not the same as an in-person evaluation, I would start by  addressing the midface region with either temporary fillers or fat grafting to make the two sides more equal in volume and then see what additional (if any) areas need to be addressed.

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