Procedure for Asymmetrical Eyelid and Lazy Eye?

My eyes are not symmetrical and I have a lazy eye what can I do? I was hit in the face by a softball a couple years ago. My one eyelid is much larger and covers up part of my one eye.

Lastly, I have a lazy eye and it strays away and makes me look crazy.

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Blepharoplasty can lessen the asymmetry of eyes

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According to the picture shown, the lazy eye does appear to be significantly asymmetric than the opposite eye. A blepharoplasty can help with this issue. It also appears that, that eyebrow is lower than the opposite side. Asymmetrical eyelid surgery can help make the eyelids look more symmetrical and remove the lazy eyed look.

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Consider a personal consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon

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Dear Crazy Eyes

You need to have an appropriate assessment by a well qualified oculoplastic surgeon. This is a board certified ophthalmologist who is also fellowship trained in oculoplastic surgery. Currently these fellowship are accredited through the American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The Society maintains a website with a directory that will assist you to find a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon in your area:

From the photograph it appears the the left eye sits further back in the eye socket than the right which would be consistent with an unrepaired orbit fracture caused when the ball struck the eye. If your vision in this eye was good before being struck by the ball, it is possible that you suffered an optic nerve injury or retinal trauma accounting for the decreased vision. The oculoplastic surgeon is qualified to make such a diagnosis. Another issue with an eye injured in this fashion is the risk of long term glaucoma due to trauma to the front portion of the eye.

If in fact you have an unrepaired orbit trauma and the eye is sitting deeper in the socket than it should, the low set upper eyelid would be referred to as pseudoptosis. Generally, the treatment is to assess the need to perform a late orbital fracture repair. Again, the precise options will be determine with a personal consultation.

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