Procedure for Asymmetric and Heavy Eyelids?

For many years (20 or more!), I have been very unhappy with my eyes, which are asymmetric and heavily lidded. Although I think this may be getting worse with age (I'm now 44), I have always had this problem--inherited from my father.

I would love to know if there is anything I can do to improve this. Thank you so much for any info. you can give.

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You dont need surgery, just a little Restylane

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After seeing your photo, I see very beautiful eyes but it is apparent to me that your eyelids aren't heavy, as you suggested, but rather they are hollow and deep-set. The hollowness is more pronounced in your right eye. Injecting a little bit of Restylane in the upper eyelids will soften your look, even out the asymmetry and restore a more youthful appearance. This treatment should not be performed by just anyone. Injecting around the eye and especially in the eyelid area is a delicate and highly-skilled procedure and is something that I do in my practice on a regular basis.

Finally, I strongly suggest that you not let anyone cut on your upper eyelids. There is nothing to take out and you will only be left with more hollowness.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

Difficult to make eyelids perfectly symmetrical

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The asymmetry with respect to your eyelids in this photo starts with asymmetrical eyebrows, the bony structure of the orbit, and the eyelids themselves. Based on the picture presented, it is very difficult to make your eyelids perfectly symmetrical.

Lids or brows ?

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After seeing the photo it appears to me that you probable have brow ptosis and a brow lift of some form would be beneficial.

The eyes themselves at this time do not appear to have excess skin, and there is only a slight asymmetry. 


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