Is This A Normal Procedure and Post-Op for Breast Explantation?

I'm having my breast implants removed-no replacement. I've had them 9 years-went from B to a C with smooth saline submuscular-have no capsular contraction-they are still soft and quite natural-looking. At age 54 I just want them out. My PS said he will do IV anesthesia and remove them intact (don't want them drained into my body). He said he will not do capsulectomy due to hematoma risk, and he won't wrap me afterward and instructed me to go braless for 2 to 6 weeks after. Does this sound right?

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Breast Implant Removal and Different “Protocol”?

Thank you for the question.

I'm afraid that asking this type of question online will do nothing but confuse you and increase your anxiety level. I'm assuming that you have done your due diligence in your selection of plastic surgeon and have some degree of trust that he is capable of accomplishing your goals. If so, second-guessing the decisions that he is making  will only increase her anxiety level;  you will find   that every plastic surgeon who responds to you has a different way of doing things.

Different plastic surgeons may do this procedure under different types of anesthesia, some will do capsulectomy and some won't, some will use drains and some won't, some will use pressure dressings and some won't, some will use a wrap or bra  and some won't.....

The reason for the difference in each plastic surgeons “protocol”,  is that there is no good science states one way of doing things is necessarily better than another.

Again, I would suggest that you have some confidence/trust in your selective plastic surgeon.  if you have specific questions/concerns about decisions/recommendations he makes,  ask him about his rationale behind these decisions/recommendations.  This can be done in a polite fashion.

 Best wishes.

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Implant removal

If your implants are not too large and you ahve a fair amount o fbreast tissue, then usually things will look ok post surgery. Sometimes the tissue caves in a bit from the surgery and takes a while to soften up. Soemtimes drains are required as well.

Steven Wallach, MD
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You need suction drains after breast explantation to prevent a seroma (fluid collection).


The plan as you describe it has a high risk of problems.  The implant capsule will exude fluid, and you need a suction drain in each breast to keep all the tissues collapsed together.  Without drains, you may well get  a seroma, which then has to be drained.

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Breast Implant Removal

The procedure as you have written it is a standard technique. The only difference in my practice is that I ask patients to wear a really snug bra afterwards. Be aware you will feel possibly deformed for several weeks and the breasts won't look like you want, and then in a few weeks they will look fine and you will feel back to normal.

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