Any Probono for a Tummy Tuck?

many surgery on my tummy scars after scars do not have ins. just medicare i am disable due to 9/11/2001. been depressed . have not dated since i was 38 now i m 56 n would like to date. My body holds me back i m embarress to be naked. have been ask out but i just cannot, not only my tummy looks awfull but my breast has seened there days. dont need implants i am happy with my size. I just cannot afford it. Please any suggestion.

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Tummy Tuck pro bono.

This surgery requires the expense of a general anesthetic and surgical center or hospital operating room as well as a plastic surgeon.  This is elective surgery with significant risks and potential complications.  I would suggest that, after calling your local plastic surgeons to see if they can help, you contact an acedemic plastic surgery resident training program to see whether your surgery can be provided at reduced cost.

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Pro Bono Tummy Tuck

Since the surgery is generally an elective procedure, it is rarely free. We (and many other surgeons) offer greatly reduced pricing in special cases in which there is a quality of life issue involved. Academic programs also have similar programs in which surgery is vastly reduced (but not free).

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Pro bono tummy tuck

Pro bono refers to legal services for the indigent, to protect their rights. A tummy tuck is an elective, cosmetic procedure. You might want to contact an academic training program in plastic surgery in your geographic area; however, these surgeries are no longer "free" but at reduced cost.

Pro bono tummy tuck

Since a tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure in the vast majority of cases, it is unlikely that you will obtain this procedure for free.  If you are on Medicare the coverage for this sort of procedure is limited, but you might be able to get a panniculectomy if the skin is hanging and you have rashes, but not a tummy tuck.You might need to save up the money over time, or obtain a loan. You might also see about getting some counseling for your depression which will help you to move on. A teaching hospital might have a clinic where residents see you and do the procedure. You will need to be persistent. Good luck.

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