Problems with Support? DDD to C.

i had my br surgery 3/22 (38DDD to about a C). sometimes when i walk, i feel the need to hold up/support my breasts as each step jars them somewhat. i also support them with pillows while i sit. neither experience is comfortable. i wear my surgical bra 24/7. after trying 8 different bras, i finally found one that seems to support me, but why then am i experiencing pain? am i not getting enough support? do i need a tighter fit? i had a smaller size of my current bra, but it felt too tight. help!

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Concerns after Breast Reduction Surgery?

I am not surprised you are having the experiences you are having given that you are only a few weeks out of your breast reduction procedure.  It is very likely that your “symptoms” will resolve with time. Of course, your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource when it comes to more specific advice and/or reassurance.

 Best wishes; hopefully you will be very pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed.

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Breast reduction will require initial support

Thanks for your question. Without a picture it is hard to comment on your particular situation. We use a variety of techniques, patterns and designs to perform breast reduction. I usually use a vertical pattern that results in less scar and a superior-medial pedicle that allows me to internally support the breast. As a result, patients typically don't need as much support. Other techniques do require more external support. In your case, you are still not far enough out from your surgery to not need a bra. Particularly with exercise you will want to have plenty of support. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
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Breast reduction and discomfort

It may take several weeks to months for soreness to completely go away after a reduction. Best to follow closely with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
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