Problems with Implant Under the Muscle

Hello and thank you for your time. I had a breast augmentation 8 weeks ago and unfortunately I developed a "depression" when I contract my pectoral muscle on my left breast. I can see what my doctor called the edge of the muscle and this hole would be it's bottom part. He said, to my surprise, that he could try to cut it some more, but I could end up with another hole or depression this time a little bit higher then it is now, since the edge would still be there.I dont know what to do! Help me!!

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VIDEO: DYNAMIC ANIMATION DEFORMITY = visible implant distortion with muscle contraction

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This is the dynamic animation deformity. There are few things that can be done to to correct this other than placing the implant over the muscle, further releasing the muscle (not recommended) or considering the use of Botox to weaken the action of the muscle. ,

Depression in breast

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It is hard to say why you have that depression. It could be from the muscle  division.  An exam would be important to determine this.

Breast augmentation

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It appears, by your photo, that a small portion of the muscle was not cut, and now it appears to be a depression.  It may require cutting the remaining portion of the muscle on the sternum.

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