Problem(s) After Fraxel Restore Treatment #2 6 Weeks Ago. Is It Normal? What Can Be Done?

I have had my second fraxel restore treatment about 6 weeks ago and my skin looks worse. It’s still looks like I have sunburn that is starting to turn brown; there is a distinctive line on my neck where the laser stopped, and the brown spots (sun spots, freckles, etc.) appear darker. Will this go away? Should I continue with additional treatments? Would a chemical peel help to remove the redness? FYI-the swelling lasted about a week after the treatment. Thanks.

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Foloowup needed promptly after fraxel issues seen

you should see your  fraxel physician reasonably soon as your condition may require treatment, most likely with topical prescription medications. please give them a call today for their next available appointment.

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Post Fraxel Treatment Problems...

I would highly recommend you make a follow up appointment with your provider.  There are topical creams that you can be added to your daily regimen that may aid in the healing process of your skin.  It is very difficult to give an recommendation without viewing photos of your concerns.  I would hold off on another treatment for now.

Hope this helps.

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