Problems with Filling in Between Front Teeth? (photo)

I had a filling in between my front two teeth about 18 months ago, I had it redone 2 months later due to extreme sensitivity and pain (The Dr. did it with my braces on) After it was done I had alot of pressure so when I went back about a month later for a cleaning I was told that's common after a filling. Now I got my braces off and was told I had a filling leakage and would probly need a root canal. I cried because I'm trying so hard to keep my real teeth. I'm only 24. Any suggestions?? :(

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Filling Between Front Teeth

From the photos it appears there is still decay. Having a root canal will save your tooth. Find a dentist you trust. See the dentist regularly and follow the oral hygiene instructions carefully and you will keep your teeth.

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