Problems breathing after Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 5 years ago.Four days after surgery, I started having difficulties to breathe, especially at nights.I feel like I have lost the freshener of my breath.I'm congested almost all the time. My eyes are swollen.If I'm too congested I can't even sleep.change of temperature, especially on winter give a burning sensation. Is there any medication that can help me? another surgery can help? the last doctor I saw said that my stretched nose is causing swelling of my nasal sinuses.hanks

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Rhinoplasty can sometimes cause nasal obstruction, but that can usually be improved

Sometimes support for the nasal airway is compromised during cosmetic rhinoplasty. There are many reasons this can occur. Support of the airway and improved breathing can be usually restored by using grafts of your own cartilage in your nose. If usually even improves the aesthetic appearance of you nose as well. You should see a revision rhinoplasty specialiist in your area for an evaluation and treatment suggestions.

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