If the suture breaks from a benelli/donut lift and the areaola spread, can the problem be corrected?

If the suture breaks from a benelli/donut lift and the areaola spread, can the problem be corrected? If a person is getting a large implant 600cc doesn't that automatically lift the breast by what 1inch or 2cm? If the a person has a implant with the donut lift will that avoid flattening? Does a person with grade III ptosis really need a lift if the get big enough implants 800cc? Lastly, are there any problems from a donut lift that cannot be fixed?

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Circumareola breast lift

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You described two problems, small breasts which requires implants and grade III which requires a lift.  With implants, the additional weight causes breasts to descend and creates more ptosis.  Implants by themselves DO NOT lift breasts.  What you will need is a circumareola approach with skin excision, elevation to the underlying breast tissue and implants placed under the muscle.  All 3 must be aligned in the same horizontal plane to give it maximum anterior projection.  The goal of breast surgery is to make a more beautiful breast.  If the suture closing the areola breaks, it can be repairs.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift and implants

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If the benelli lift suture breaks, the areola may spread and this can be revised.  An implant behind a benelli lift helps minimize flattening. Implants do not provide a lift to the breast.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lifts and Implants

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Your questions are leading me to think that you have sagging breasts and you don't want a breast lift, except maybe a binelli/donut lift.  The biggest mistake you can make is to get oversized implants either alone or with a binelli lift if you have that degree (grade III) of ptosis.  If you only get very large implants, you will be bigger than you wanted and your nipples will still be too low.  If you get large implants and a benelli lift, you will be bigger than you wanted to be, your nipples will still be low, the shape and size of your areola will be irregular and large, you will have pleating of the skin around the areola like rays around the sun, and your scars will be thick.

There are plenty of doctors out there who will be happy to do this for you, probably pretty cheaply too.  You need to visit a few breast surgery specialists, those that also do major revisions and reductions.  These surgeons will tell you what is best for you, and (hopefully) not just sell you something that in the end will make you regretful.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Can implants provide a lift without a formal surgical lift?

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Implants do a good job of filling but not lifting, if all your breasts need is to have volume restored implants do an excellent job of this. If you breasts are saggy and need to be lifted implants alone will leave you disappointed. Going with larger and larger implants will not lift you any more than smaller implants, just fill the breast more and your nipple position will not change. I do not perform Benelli lifts, in my personal opinion, I believe a formal wise pattern incision will give you the best long term results without distorting the areola and surrounding breast. 

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Lifting Concerns?

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Thank you for the question.

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the ability of breast implants to "create" a breast lift;  unfortunately,  this is not necessarily the case (regardless of the size of breast implant used).  In other words, don't count on breast implants  to achieve a breasts lift effect.

In regards to your question regarding Benelli lift and sutures: if this suture were to break,  the “problem” can usually be corrected with additional suturing.

Generally,  breast implants (for example a moderate plus profile)  may be helpful in avoidance of nipple/areola “flattening” that may be seen with Benelli breast lifts.

I hope this helps.

Fixing Enlarging Areola after Donut Mastopexy

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Yes if the suture breaks it is possible in most cases to correct problems like areolar stretching with addtional surgery. The key to success lies in letting you surgeon know specifically what you would like to look like following the surgery. For example, how perky do you want to be, what shape do you want to have, etc.? However from your description it would appear that a lollipop type lift would be best for you rather than a periareolar lift like the Benelli procedure. Here is a rule of thumb that works for most patients. If you nipple is above your lower breast crease then often a periareolar lift will be sufficient for most patients. If your nipple is at or below your crease then a vertical lift (lollipop lift), inverted T or anchor pattern may be required.

The Lollipop incision for Grade 3 or 4 ptosis (areolar near or below your breast crease) works best in my hands and the use of a Lollipop technique can lift your breast to the perkiness you desire. However, other plastic surgeons are more comfortable with an inverted T or Anchor Pattern technique.The donut lift does tend to both flatten and have scars widened as you are removing skin around the areola which causes tension in that single area causing it to "spring' apart over time. With the Lollipop incision the tension is spread out over a greater distance of the lower vertical scar (where the areola once was) causing less tension on the areola and entire closure. The vertical lift tends to cone the breast making it more shapely (conical) and less flat. For a visual take a paper circle, cut out a small wedge on the bottom and bring the edges together to see this effect. In general I would pick the best Surgeon and explain fully what you want to achieve rather than the technique. Always insist on a board certified Plastic Surgeon.

Benelli lift

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You should refer to the question I just answered before yours.  If you have a Benelli lift and the areolae stretch out, it probably can be corrected by going with smaller implants and a lift either with a lollipop scar or a full mastopexy with anchor scars.  It depends on the individual situation, but using implants in the 600 cc range is just too big and will inevitably result in further stretching and thinning of the skin and breast tissue.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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