Silicone Implants - Chest Pressure Caused By High Altitude?

I had my silicone breast augmentation a little over a year ago and have been completely in love ever since!! However I recently went to the mountains a week ago and noticed the same gurgling and popping sounds I had had a few weeks after surgery, after coming home I felt a great deal of chest pressure and shortness of Breath, however now it has resolved.. Not sure if it was the altitude that caused this? And if I can never go to the mountains again?

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Popping and gurgling breast implants at high altitude

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I am puzzled by your findings. IT is not uncommon for some flight attendants to experience a fuller sensation in their breasts when flying due to mild decompression. However, I have never heard of a gurgling and popping sensation. IT sounds as if you have some other condition and YOu may want to get a chest x-ray  or even a chest CT/MRI to evaluate this more thoroughly

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High altitude and implants

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Interesting problem.  A friend once told me, that with saline implants early post-op, when patients go to the mountains sometimes bubbling happens as tiny gas bubbles ( probably oxygen/nitrogrn) can leach out.  Like when Scuba divers come up to quickly. If concerned get it checked out with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
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