Breasts are Nearly the Same Size as Pre-op - Is This a Mistake?

I had my op 6 wks ago and had many problems.I had 300cc high profile with a lift.When my stitches came out my scars opened on each breast, 1 healed to a scab and the other was restitched.When the stitches were removed the wound reopened again.I went to get it stitched again yesterday and woke up to be told that all my scars had been opened again from the lift and my implants were replaced with 250 cc.Now my breasts are similar size to before the op.Is this normal or has my doctor made mistakes.

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Breast size after lift with implant may be similar to before surgery

After breast lift with implants, the tissues of the breast will thin a bit and decrease in size in response to stretch by the implants as well as from the surgical trauma.  In a combination of lift and implant, the breast tissue may be considerably thinned due to the implant stretching it, particularly if the implant used is large compared to the amount of breast tissue remaining after the lift.

In general,  the breast tissue will thin and shrink by around 10-15% in response to the extensive incisions used in most breast lifts.  This volume loss by thinning  increases the volume loss due to the removal of breast skin and tissue that happens with some lift techniques.

So, if the implant size used does not compensate for the total amount of breast tissue lost or removed, the final breast size after breast lift with implants may be very close to the original breast size before any surgery was performed.

Accurate pre-surgical planning can decrease the possibility of an outcome with unsatisfactory size.

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Breast lift complications

It seems that your breast implants were too large for your breasts, thus your sutures were repetitively breaking. Although you are disappointed with not having bigger breasts, once your skin stretches then you can try bigger implants.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
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No change in appearance after augmentation

Simply put, the appearance of a high profile 300CC implant is diferent than the appearance of a 250CC moderate profile implant( as an example because I do not know what profile/projection was used ).  You are most likely seeing the difference betweenthe 2 implants and not the difference from pre op.  Looking at your pre op photos may help you. 

Beverly Friedlander, MD
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Breasts did not change size after implants

It sounds like you are having several issues with post op healing complications.  However, to answer your question, it sounds like you initially had too large of implants placed at the same time as the life.  Smaller implants must then have been placed to allow the skin edges to come together with less tension.  This may be why you feel your breasts are now smaller than after the original implants.  If you post before and after pictures, we may be able to give you more specific advice.


Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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LIft and augmentation

Sometimes the implants chosen are too big for the lift, and with the wounds re-opening, it may have been too tight.  Hard to say without an exam.

Steven Wallach, MD
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You doctor did not make a mistake

The combination of the lift and augmentation is a procedure with many complication and  high redo rate. Your lift was too tight and your implant was too big for the remaining tissue and your surgeon had to downsize the implant to close the incision. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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