I Am Dizzy, Light Headed, Vision Problems, Deviated Septum?

From since the beginning of this year I been having this problem Waking up Dizziness Light headed Problems with my vision Constantly dehydrated And also have a deviated septum I just read something Where a guy around my age have the same problems And answer was It was not a deviated septum That was causing these problems So what else can it be It's going on the year For me Going Through these problems Please answer me I'm 26 Years old Never had these problems in my life

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I Am Dizzy, Light Headed, Vision Problems, Deviated Septum?

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A deviated septum typically causes nasal obstruction or might not cause any symptoms at all. Your concerns are unlikely to be related to a deviated nasal septum. However, they are concerning and I would recommend that you followup with your primary care physician if there symptoms continue.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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