Problem with Tissue Expanders - Infection or Just Fluid Build Up?

I had a BMX with TEs about 5 weeks ago. The left side never drained much - always less than 20 ml a day. When drains came out, the left side got really hard and slightly red on the bottom. After the first expansion, it got more red and swollen - no fever though. It's especially red on the bottom and always pinches when I bend over; almost feels like a super tight underwire. My PS put me on antibiotics 3 days ago and today my drain site reopened and started spouting out reddish/yellowish fluid.

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If you were placed on antibiotics by your surgeon then they are concerned about the redness of the skin and this open area.  If there is truly and infection you want to minimize or downstage that infection to just the skin.  Antibiotics is the first step in that process.

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