Problem with Sculptra. Had Injections 3 Months Ago?

Have 3 nodules along left side of jaw line size of pea and larger, right side has one about marble size. My jaw is sore when chewing on left side and makes a slight sound when chewing on left side. What can be done. I'm going to my dentist in a couple of days, what do I tell my dentist. Had Scultra done on cheeks only 3 yrs ago with no problems then. Doctor from Sculptra injected by jaw line this time along with cheek area. Very concerned about chewing and soreness. Thank you for your time. K.

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Sculptra Treatment Issue

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Thank you for your question. Continue with your massaging of the areas, and follow up with your doctor who did the injection. They may dissolve over time, or they may need to be removed if they do not dissolve. This is not common, and not something we see at all. I hope this helps.

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