Problem with my Eyelid Drooping?

i have problem with my eyelid its drooping on one side i've gone to an eye specialist , plastic surgeon and an eyebrow dr they say that the cause of this is facial assymetry , which does not bother me that much the problem is that the eyes arent the same shape and this is driving me crazy the dr said i dont have ptosis , they say its cause brows arent symmetrical my question is can upper bleph fix this? , why didnt they tell me of it? , how to know if i have exess eyelid skin? thank you so much

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Drooping eyelid

I would need to see photos to give you the best advice. If your brows are not symmetrical, a brow lift would be the best option to help restore symmetry. All of our faces are asymmetrical to some degree, so the goal of surgery would be to make an improvement. I would also seek a second opinion. A board certified oculoplastic surgeon may be able to provide you with some better insight. Thanks and good luck!

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Droopy eyelids

It's very difficult to say without a photo or physical exam.  You did see a Facial plastic or Oculoplastic surgeon, correct?  

Chase Lay, MD
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Drooping eyelid or other problem

This question can't really be answered without a picture of you and really should be answered by an oculoplastic surgeon. Try the ASOPRS website (dot org) to find a specialist in your area.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
Salt Lake City Oculoplastic Surgeon
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