Problem with Chipping After Invisalign, is this Normal?

We are having a problem with chipped tooth on top and wear/exposre of dentin on the bottme teeth after the invisalign correction. The trays were worn 24/7 for 12 months, they have been off for 2 weeks, worn only at night now Any thoughts?

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Chipping and wear after Invisalign

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Invisalign is a great and user-friendly way to move teeth as compared to traditional braces.  In both cases, if you move teeth then the teeth will touch the opposite teeth differently.  Checking and adjusting the bite as necessary should be done by the dentist at each visit during treatment and not delayed until the end of treatment.  Such adjustments are necessary and made even with traditional braces.

Bite Problems after invisalign

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I would be concerned about bite problems if you are now breaking teeth.  The system gives at the weakest point, ie you may chip teeth, develop TM Joint problems, headaches, sinus pain or ear problems from a bad bite as well as chipping teeeth.

I suggest a thorough examination looking at bite issues.

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