Large Hole Where Breast Implant was Removed

I am diabetic and have had a breast implant removed due to ulcers. I am now going to have to have another operation because a large hole has appeared where the scar is. Through this hole I am losing body fluid. Can you tell me if this is likely to happen again. I am worried and would like to know why this hole has appeared. Is this a surgical error. I had the operation in May this year. I am very worried about having another operation.I am due to go to hospital for op next week.

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Complications after Breast Augmentation?

Sorry to hear about the complications you have experience. Unfortunately,  especially in complicated situations like yours, online consultation will not be helpful.  Without direct examination any advice you receive is pure speculation and more likely be confusing than helpful. My best advice is to make sure that you are seeking opinions of well experienced plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

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Drainage form breast

Without knowing your full medical history and the exact course of your problem it is difficult to say what is going on, but it sounds like it may be fluid from a seroma or the remnants of the capsule?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast impllant removal (explantation) and profuse drainage

In many instances the implant may have formed a very thick capsule which may take some time to resorb. During this time profuse drainage may be noted. It is very likely that it will close off as the capsule contracts. However the process can be expedited by performing a capsulectomy which can be an extensive and complex.

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Implant Explantation Complications With Diabetes

I must assume that the ulcer you are referring to was on your breast. In that case you may have had a breast infection which may involve or communicate to the implant itself. The removal of the implant was then indicated. The drainage you now have should stop. Is the site being packed open or was it sutured shut. If it was sutured shut then your doctor may decide to open the site and pack it open until healing is complete. Replacement of the implant is also possible after complete healing which will take several months to a full year. Diabetes is no absolute contraindication to breast implants.

James Apesos, MD
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Breast implant removal

You present a very complex issue, diabetes, ulcers(do not know where are the ulcers) implant removed. drainage.

You probably have infection.

You need a second opinion may be a third opinion before surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
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