Problem Area on Buttocks After Liposuction on the Thighs, How Can I Correct this?

I had vaser lipo on the inner/outer thighs and inner knees some 6 years ago now. If you compare the side photos to my pre-op side photo you will see how I didn't use to have the overhanging lip of my buttocks onto the back of my thigh like I have now, which is not only unpleasing to my eye, but also causes me discomfort I actually feel the buttock is inhibiting my movement and feels uncomfortable and 'in the way' even just standing. Why this has happened and what can be done to correct it?

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Buttock droop

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What you are seeing may or may  not be related to the liposuction or it may be just aging of the buttock which has led to some deflation and sagging. You may need a lift to the area. Hard to say without an exam.

Buttock droop after Vaser liposuction

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Liposuction removes fat which, in some cases, can lead to skin drooping due to emptying of a "skin envelope."  Your pictures look pretty good.  You may be experiencing some droop due to aging and age-related loss of skin tone.  The lower pole of the buttocks may be amenable to a lift or even to some more carefully directed liposuction.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of liposuccton experience to give you an opinion.

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