Problem After Chin Implant Removal

About a year ago I had a gore-tex chin implant removed. Immediately after the surgery, I noticed that my lower lip was shorter and that when my lower lip is relaxed my bottom teeth are now visible. I believe the surgeon didn't pull the skin/muscle taut enough when reattaching. Can this be corrected?

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Problem after chin implant removal

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It is impossible to say what is going on after the Gortex chin implant removal without an evalution. The skin and the muscle are not attached and reattached during the procedure of placing a chin implant. Only the periosteum is lifted off the bone where the implant is inserted directly over the bone. If the surgery has been performed correctly, there is no muscle reattaching or skin reattachment needed.

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Chin implant removal problems

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More likely than this being the surgeon's fault, what you experienced is simply scar tissue.  When any implant is removed there is a space it used to occupy.  As this heals over, in a few patients the contraction and shrinkage of the pocket pulls the tissues in and distorts the surrounding anatomy.  

Check with your surgeon or another and see if anything can be done.  Not sure if there will be anything.

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