Problem After Beta Hydroxy Peel? (photo)

I'd breakout 2yrs ago,left acne marks&redness,but they not noticeable.Only when I have alcohols,my face turns red,then they're more visible.Yesterday I did beta hydroxy peel@ beauty salon.second day my face bit swollen,I still can feel burning.both cheeks and chin have so many red spots.Salon people said those will turn brown and fall off,new skin will be concern is if they will form scars on my face.BTW,some red spots are from previous acne marks,they are inner skin,what about them?

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I concur with Dr. Blinski.

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You need medical attention.  Estheticians should be doing very mild peels.  There should be no breakdown of the skin.  I am concerned that without the benefit of prescription medications, you may hyperpigment in the red spots.  A board certified dermatologist will be able to examine, follow, and treat you for any complications that might arise as a result  of the peel.

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Thanks for the question and one posted photo. First I recommend immediate medical care before the effect can not be addressed from a non medical supervised peeling. Second, this is the issue of having non trained, non medical supervised peels. Lesson learned I hope. 

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