Probability of Making Things Worse with Rhinoplasty High?

Unfortunately googling about rhinoplasty presents some scary stories of people who say that they very much regret having rhinoplasty performed, and that their nose looks much worse, or they can't breathe properly etc I plan to choose a surgeon who has performed many rhinoplasty procedures, and specializes particularly in that field (and has ear, nose, throat background). However, what is the actual probability that things can go wrong, and my nose will look worse, or I'll have trouble breathing?

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Probability of Rhinolasty Complications

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You are doing the most important thing to avoid complications after your rhinoplasty, selecting an experienced surgeon. In the medical literature the revision rate is 7-15 %, but the majority of the revisions are minor.  Most people who regret their surgery or say their nose looks worse did not pick a rhinoplasty specialist.

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Probability of Making Things Worse with Rhinoplasty High?

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 OK, all surgery carries risks and no experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon is going to give you guarantees of results or lack of complications.  Many patients seeking plastic and cosmetic surgery, including Rhinoplasty are focused IMHO on the wrong cause of unwanted results...which IMO can be reduced by choosing a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and nasal) beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive nose and face.  IMHO, it's the lack of aesthetic judgment that should be avoided.  

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Risk with Rhinoplasty

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The risk of a complication with rhinoplasty in experienced hands it very low. There are 2 basic problems that can occur: functional where the breathing can be made worse and a poor cosmetic outcome. For both of these an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon should have a 1-2% complication rate. Most of these problems are often easily corrected. However, remember rhinoplasty is still surgery and there will always be a risk. If you choose your surgeon wisely the risks will be minimal.

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Probability of Making Things Worse

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Good question.  As with any cosmetic procedure there is always a risk to benefit analysis to be considered.  The experience of the surgeon and a focus in rhinoplasty is paramount.  Although some patients may need a revision to further enhance results, it is very rare that they nose would look worse after surgery than before

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Rhinoplasty has about a 5-15% revision rate depending upon the studies that you read.  Therefore the majority are happy with their results and do not do any further surgery.  I think that because the nose is on the face, patients look at it all the time and they get caught up on  minor asymmetries( which is normal in most people). Remember perfection is impossible to achieve.

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Rhinoplasty surgery has a very high patient satisfaction rating

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I have been doing rhinoplasty for almost 30 years and the patient satisfaction is close to 100%. it is important when doing rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty that the nose is both equally aesthetically pleasing and functional. The reason you here so many people discuss not being able to breath is because the cosmetic changes were made without the structural changes being fixed. When you thin the nose if you do not do proper septal work and turbinates you may have post operative breathing problems. I use a digital Imaging computer in my practice and I can show the proposed result prior to surgery. I keep all of my photographs on the imaging computer and consulting patients can see what I proposed to patients as well as their actual before and afters and see that these are typically very much inline. I hope this information is helpful to you in making your decision. Best regards!

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