What Does It Mean To Say The Pro-fractional Laser Tightens "Superficially"?

When I asked a question about pro-fractional one doctor said it tightens superficially. What does this mean? Does that mean that it does not tighten for longer then a month, or it tighten just long enough for the swelling to go down? I would really like to know the answer to the question to see if I need to do the co2 laser. Thanks

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Skin tightening with Profractional laser

The thickness of the dermis on the face varies from 0.4 mm on the eyelid to 1.2 mm on the nose and chin.  The thickness of the epidermis is approximately 0.1 mm on the face.

Profractional laser settings allow for 1.5 mm depth resurfacing, which reaches beyond the combined epidermal and dermal thickness on the face.  It is rare that facial skin would undergo 1.5 mm depth fractional resurfacing.

There is, however, connective tissue and fat beneath the epidermis and dermis.  Other modalities of resurfacing such as ultrasound skin tightening reach to these deeper tissues.  The fractional resurfacing deals with epidermis and dermis.


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