Prk Vs. Lasik Vs. Icl?

i have 548 corneal thickness, -9 in both eyes and am 40 years old. which would be the best option for me? one doc recommended prk, another recommended lasik but now i'm wondering about icl?

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You are probably fine to have PRK but perhaps borderline for LASIK.  ICL is also an option as long as you do not have significant astigmatism, but please bear in mind that ICL is a more invasive surgery than PRK or LASIK and often more costly.

San Diego Ophthalmologist


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Based on your numbers, the safest way to correct your vision would be through what I like to call Lasek (PRK). Flapless procedure, less invasive and will give a better outcome for vision. It is a slow healing process but like I stated it delivers the best results

Rajesh Khanna, MD
Beverly Hills Ophthalmologist


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Based on the information you have provided, a slightly above average corneal thickness, a relatively high level of myopia and your age, I can see why there might be varying opinions by different surgeons. In my opinion, I think the procedure that would provide you the least invasiveness and best result would be thin flap Lasik. This is a procedure that I use all of the time for my highly myopic patients. The "magic number" of how much corneal tissue to leave behind after the procedure is completed is at the very minimum 250 microns. Using my calculations, and based on using a 100 micron Intralase flap and the 400 Hz Wavelight laser, you would have 312 microns left, which is more than enough to have a safe procedure and a great result. PRK would also work well, but the results come more slowly. ICL would also work well, but this is an operating room procedure that is more invasive, as well as costly and I don't see why you need to go through all of that. Good luck!!

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Prk Vs. Lasik Vs. Icl?

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I too would shy away from ICL as it is very close to the natural lens, but if PRK and LASIK are not options then you could consider the Verisyse lens if you live in the USA or other options if you live outside the US.

Parag Majmudar, MD
Hoffman Estates Ophthalmologist

Not ideal

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At your age ICL is not genreally considered a wise option when laser treatments are possible. It is designed for people between the ages of 21-45. Being that you are towards the end of that range, some of the benefits of the ICL would not apply to you for very long. Speak to your surgeon for a more detailed explanation of why this might not be the best choice for you.

Ilan Cohen, MD
New York Ophthalmologist

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