Is it normal to still use eye drops one year after PKR surgery?

I had surgery 13 months ago. My vision is fine but I still use eye drops (Hyabuak) because I feel my eyes dry. Not so much as the beginning, but 3-4 drops every day. What is more, I drop water to my face 3-4 times every day because I feel that this helps. When will I stop the eye drops? Is it logical after one year to use still eye drops.

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Eye Drops After PRK Surgery

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Dry eyes after PRK does occur and can in some cases last a year or more. Equally common is for patients to be more aware of dry eye symptoms or ocular allergies because they no longer have contact lenses covering their corneas. Using artificial tears like Hyabuak is always healthy even for a patient who has not had surgery. It is like putting moisturizer on the skin!

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