I have met with quite a few locations that offer LASIK. Some are happy to perform without full exam, but those folks aren't coming near my eyes. Of all researched/visited, 3 practices have many positive reviews, no malpractices reported to state, performed lengthy exams and consultations. 2 said yes to LASIK & 1 yes only to PRK. -3.75 standard soft lenses, despite mild astigmatism Cornea measured 479/485/500 in left and around 515 in right Is PRK just being prudent or Lasik too risky?

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Thin corneas need LASEK

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If your cornea is under 500 you shouldn't get LASEK. A surface ablation will always be safer and stronger. You can get PRK and be in pain and out of work for a week. Or LASEK and have mild discomfort and miss two days of work. Or epiLASEK and have no pain and only miss one day of work. Those are your choices

New York Ophthalmologist

PRK or LASIK for thin cornea

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To determine which procedure is best for your eyes requires an evaluation by the doctor of the 3D shape of the cornea, the prescription of your eye, the thickness and map of thickness of the cornea as well as the health of your eyes.  Make sure that you feel comfortable with whom you decide to have the procedure. 

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

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