Prk Used Differently in Either Eye?

My doctor performed PRK on my lesser dominant eye stating I would only see near-sighted. The other one would be treated to be only far-sighted. Is this a popular procedure?

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Mono-vision treatments

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Mono-vision treatments are extremely popular and are used with contact lenses, laser refractive surgery, and cataract surgery.  It allows patients to see both near and far without reading glasses as they grow older.  The one issue is to be certain that the patient can tolerate having a difference between the two eyes before surgery.  Some people are bothered by it and should not have mono-vision.  Other love it.  If you have not previously worn mono-vision in your contact lenses, your surgeon will give you a trial with either lenses in frames (like glasses) or contact lenses or both to be certain that you are on of the people who can tolerate the difference between the two eyes.

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