Has my chin implant shifted? I'm 4 months post op. Medium size installed.

I feel a dent -- the inverse of a ridge, just in the front of the lower mandible, almost an inch long. I'm happy my doc was able to preserve my chin cleft. I cannot feel any noticeable changes along the sides where the implant arms would be. When I smile, usually a big happy smile, I can see it is not smooth because my skin pulls tight across that area and it looks unnatural. Does the side profile look like it has shifted up over the tip of my mandible or are proportions good? Thank you.

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Has chin implant shifted?

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The best way to tell if a chin implant has shifted or not is to be examined in person.  The implant needs to be palpated to determine if it is in the correct position or not.  You should contact your surgeon so that you can be evaluated in person.  

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