How to get rid of the black on my teeth with out caps? (Photo)

I have dark spots near my gum line and it's not decayed. Could it be from Medication? I have Lyme Disease and take all kinds if pills for that. Or was it from wearing braces at age 23... Need to know and what can I do for it?

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Dark teeth thoughts

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Hi there!  Well the first thing you want to be sure of before undertaking whitening treatments is that you don't have any cavities.  You mentioned it's not decayed, so it sounds like you've done this.
I agree that, based on this photo, you appear highly suspicious for medication-related darkening of the teeth.  Tetracycline will darken teeth in this fashion, for example.  Usually, though, we don't see this in people who take tetracycline-type antibiotics after age 10.  Have your teeth been dark since you were a child?
If this is tetracycline-type staining, your best bet is to find a dentist who does KOR Whitening.  This should help substantially, and it's great because it's non-invasive.  Veneers and crowns are also an option . . . but I'd sure try the KOR first.  Hope this helps and good luck!

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