When a patient develops seroma or a mass is noted on a capsule, is CD immunohistochemistry specifically being tested?

I have seen many good comments from doctors recommending ruling out BIA-ALCL. Are you sending specimens for general pathology or specifically stating to "rule out BIA-ALCL" through CD30 immunohistochemistry? I have met approx 20 women with BIA-ALCL. I have also seen a few tests come back positive long after Explant when the right test was performed that should have been performed on Explant. Many statistics are outdated here. Are you following MD Anderson for new data and test recommendations?

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Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma

My facility has a full time pathologist who is aware of this rare disease, so that all suspicious capsules would be sent for the appropriate studies.  For my part, I would notify him of any patients with a suspicious history or presentation.  The disease has an aggressive form (i.e. with a mass) but also exists in a more chronic, indolent form.  It is the latter that I think will be a challenge to detect.

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