Can my crooked lips/smile be fixed? (Photo)

I have a slightly asymmetric smile. I really started to notice it a few years ago. I talk out of one side of my mouth more than the other as well. I had orthodontics for a cross-bite when I was a teen. I now have TMJ. My teeth aren't crooked, but sometimes my bite fits like it should and sometimes it doesn't. I went to an orthodontist who said he though my asymmetrical smile was a muscular problem. Are there any exercises or non-invasive procedures that could improve the symmetry of my smile?

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Can my crooked lips/smile be fixed?

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Thank you for your question. I can see your area of concern but outside of a few particular animated positions your natural smile/lip asymmetry is minimal and likely not noticeable at conversational distance with others.  I would not recommend any treatment as there is a greater risk at increased asymmetry rather than improvement. 

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Asymmetry and Lip Injections NYC

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The lips look asymmetric but this would be difficult to correct with lip augmentation or filler.  The best advice would probably not to do anything at this point.  Best, Dr. Green

Asymmetric smile fix

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It appears your DLI on the left is stronger than the right. It is possible to put a couple units of Botox there. If you like it great, if not, it will go away in a few months. This is an injection for a very experienced injector. My opinion is to probably do nothing because to get it exactly right is almost impossible and then you might need the other side injected. It can affect the way you move around food in your mouth too. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Asymmetrical Smile

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While your photos demonstrate a slight asymmetry, I am not sure I would do anything. Botox may help, but can be very tricky. Besides, Goldie Hawn has a very crooked smile, and it didn't hurt her career! Good Luck!

Robert M. Tornambe, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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