Do I want coolsculpting done on both sides of my abdomen or right in the middle? What are the pros and cons of each?

My doctor recommended that I have two sides of my abdomen done rather than something across the middle. I've watched a lot of videos online that show the middle being done. What are the pros and cons to the sides and not simply the middle? Are two consecutive procedures on the same day recommended?

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Do I want coolsculpting done on both sides of my abdomen or right in the middle? What are the pros and cons of each?

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Thank you for your question. It all depends on where the majority of the fat cells are concentrated. It is hard to tell without seeing you in person. I would recommend speaking to your treating physicians for reasons as to why he/she came up with this treatment plan for you. If you are still unsure, a second opinion may help. Regards, 

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Coolsculpting on abdomen

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Every body type is different, so this really depends on where the majority of the fat is located. Choosing the correct applicators to treat your problematic areas will influence the results that you would like to achieve. Your doctor should know what will be most effective in your case.  Also, you should always be seen and treated by a board certified physician prior to the procedure.

Jennifer Chwalek, MD
New York Dermatologist

Coolsculpting on the abdomen

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Great question!  Coolsculpting needs to be customized to the patient depending on your particular distribution of fat.  Not everyone has the exact same distribution of fat on their abdomen, and therefore the location of the applicators will be different from person to person.  There are not really pros and cons, but rather doing what best treats your abdomen to give you the best results possible.  Consult with a trained coolsculpting expert and you should be in good hands.  Best of luck!

Coolsculpting on both sides of my abdomen or right in the middle?

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Where the majority of your fat sits will determine which approach will work best for you. The reason to not treat right in the middle would be to avoid the belly button, if that is in the center of your fat pocket. The best results from CS will be right where the center of the handpiece lays, so we always try to avoid placing the center right over the belly button. If your fat is more above or below the belly button, then treating in the middle may be more appropriate for these areas. You should see an experienced CS specialist, who can evaluate your body and recommend what is best for you.

Craig Schwartz, DO
Leawood Vascular Surgeon
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CoolSculpting on the Abdomen

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It is best to see a Certified CoolSculpting Specialist to determine the best treatment plan for your body type.  It is a highly personalized treatment plan, so you can't base it on what you see on other people.  Some videos online may just be to show how the treatment is done, but not exactly what someone may need for their full treatment to transformation.  
Many people do multiple treatments on the same day.  If you are doing the two treatments on your lower abdomen, then you most likely will want to do both on the same day because it will most likely overlap some.  
See a Certified CoolSculpting Specialist to see what your best treatment plan would be.

Coolsculpting abdomen

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Without evaluating you personally, I am unable to give you a specific recommendation, however, we try to treat the lower abdomen below the belly button and the upper abdomen with a horizontal applicator.  The belly button presents a challenge, so you have to treat around it either diagonally or vertically to address the the peri-umbilical area completely.  At least two treatments of each of these areas is recommended. Several areas may be treated the same day; I personally do not treat the same area 2x on the same day.  I also treat multiple areas if possible at the same time, as I have more than one machine!

H. Christopher Coley, MD
Greensboro General Surgeon

It depends on your specific anatomy and how much fat you have

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The answer to your question really depends on a number of variables depending on your specific anatomy, how much fat you have, and how that fat is distributed.  It is difficult to give you a detailed answer without seeing a photo, but for most people, doing an applicator on either side of the abdomen as opposed to just one in the center is preferable, since most people have excess fat laterally in addition to centrally.  This approach tends to provide the best results.  However, sometimes individuals who are relatively petite and only have a small, central pooch on the lower abdomen, can get away with just doing one applicator on the central lower abdomen with a good result.  In my practice, we often treat multiple areas on the same day depending on the patient's comfort level and how much time they have.

I hope this answer is helpful! Best of luck.

Tracy Leong, MD
Carlsbad Dermatologic Surgeon
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Location of applicators on the abdomen

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Dear Dark Helmet, Without pictures it is difficult for me to give you an opinion. However, at our practice we do not go directly over the umbilicus , rather you shape around it. I know there are many pics and videos online on abdominal treatments in the middle but in my opinion that is not the best choice of action. So, 2 of more treatments on the abdomen is very normal and can be done in one day for sure. 

Robert Heck, MD, FACS
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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CoolSculpting and fat distribution

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 It is not uncommon for a patient to have the majority of fat deposits ( under the belly button) concentrating in the center of the abdomen. The applicators vary in size depending upon the area being treated. Your doctor will determine the size of the the applicator best suited for your contours.
 I am sure you are describing a central area that needs two applicators.  The cost is usually the same with either applicator.  
  If you feel confident that you trust your doctor, then go with the recommendations and you will get the best result.
 Hope this helps.

Coolsculpting for the Abdomen

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Choosing the right applicator or area to treat is part of the in patient consultation.  Depending on the fat distribution and the applicator that is one of the important decisions during the consultation.  Please consult an expert for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

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