I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction, am I able to find another doctor to do the surgery?

I am looking to get a breast reduction and would like to find another surgeon to do the surgery sooner if possible ? Do I have to be referred by my family doctor ?

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Considering breast reduction in Melbourne, Florida

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The referral process for breast reduction surgery can vary greatly from insurance plan to insurance plan and therefore, I would highly recommend that you consult with your individual plan and/or your family doctor to make sure you are proceeding properly with the referral process.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Best of luck!

Arranging another breast reduction consultation in BC

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I understand that you are interested in seeing a different plastic surgeon and in that case a referral is required if you would like your breast surgery to be covered by MSP. Alternatively, if you're inclined to pay privately a referral is not required and you can make arrangements directly with the plastic surgeon of your choice. I hope this has been helpful.

Breast Reduction in BC

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Many specialists in Canada do require a referral from family doctors. However, some offices, especially those who do some private pay services, don't always require a referral. Breast reduction wait lists can be quite long when being done under provincial healthcare, but some surgeons may offer cosmetic surgery on a self-pay basis and it's possible that this might change the wait time. The best recommendation would be for you to call some other experienced surgeons in your area to see how they would handle breast reduction patients.
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