I'm getting a consultation for a breast reduction tomorrow & would like to know what I should expect?

Hi, I am going to get a breast reduction consultation tomorrow with Dr.Malpass in Prince George be. I was wondering if anyone has had surgery from him before ? And what should I expect at the consultation and after surgery ? I'm pretty shy, I am a 48DDD and I would just like some reassurance that I'm not going to regret it after the surgery is done :S

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Breast Reduction Consultation

The best advice that I can give is to be open and honest with your surgeon about your goals and concerns.
The breast reduction procedure has a very high patient satisfaction rating in our society's yearly surveys. For many patients it can be a truly life-changing, and very positive experience. Make certain that your surgeon has experience, and is board-certified. If you are still uncomfortable after your initial consultation, do not hesitate to obtain another consult from other qualified surgeons in your area. Best of luck to you.

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I'm getting a consultation for a breast reduction tomorrow & would like to know what I should expect?

Thank you for your question. Congrats on scheduling a consultation. You should make sure that your surgeon is board certified (which Dr. Malpass is....see link provided). At the consultation, you should have a conversation about your goals and objectives. Speak openly about what you hope to achieve but be realistic about your expectations. You should go through the procedure in detail and be provided information about the risks and benefits of surgery to review. Have a discussion about the post-op care and recovery and about your activity limitations. If after the visit, you are not satisfied or feel you did not have a good experience, then consider another consultation.

Best of luck!

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Breast reduction

Ask the surgeon if he is a board certified plastic surgeon , certified by the American board of plastic surgery.  Ask how many breast reductions he does in a month or in a year.  Ask what incisions he uses , anchor or the vertical.  See how many pictures he shows you and are they good.  Ask if he specializes in breast surgery.   

Good luck!  It is a wonderful surgery that changes lives and makes my patients very happy.  My favorite operation. 

Andrew T. Cohen, MD
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