With a breast reduction (from DDD48) and axillary liposuction will my breasts be mostly the same size and higher? (Photos)

I am getting a breast reduction and axillary liposuction at the same time. Will my breast be somewhat lifted after the surgery ? And will the surgeon make my areole and nipple areas more even and symettrical ? Also I work as a housekeeper, what would you suggest for time taken off work ? My surgeon suggested 4-6 weeks ?

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Breast reduction in Melbourne, Florida

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Typically, with breast reduction surgery, I tell my Melbourne, FL, breast reduction patients to expect the breasts to be smaller and also to be lifted.  Typically, the pigmented tissue around the nipple, which is caused the areola, are also made smaller to be in better proportion with the new breast size.  For my patients who do manual labor as part of their every day work responsibilities, I definitely require 6 weeks off from any sort of exercise, heavy lifting, or anything that could possibly raise your blood pressure or disturb your incisions.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Best of luck!  

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