Prices/Travelling for Surgery for when I am 18?

Hi :) I am 16, currently living in the UK. After doing some research, I feel that surgeons from the US are more skilled in these procedures: rhinoplasty, jaw/chin implant, lifting the outer parts of the brows. It is a struggle for me to be able to afford these surgeries anyway, let alone travel to America. Approximately, how much will all this cost? Is price negotiable if somebody is having to travel, and struggling for money? Are payment plans available? I appreciate any advice given. Thank-You

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Rhinoplasty and chin implant

The rhinoplasty procedure in combination with a chin implant is very common in our practice. We have many patients  traveling in from out of town and out-of-state locations. Plan on spending at least a week to 10 days at that location while you are healing from your surgery.

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Multiple Procedures

It is difficult to give you prices when I don't have the benefit of pictures or an examination. In general, fees are based on the amount of time for the procedure. The first hour is the most expensive and additional hours are much less expensive. Multiple procedures are discounted. Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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