What's the Price Range for a CEREC Filling?

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Unlike traditional metal and plastic filling materials, the CEREC restoration is a piece of porcelain which is bonded to the tooth surface.  Metal fillings are press fit to the cavity in a tooth and are subject to decay occurring between the filling and remaining tooth.  Plastic or composite fillings are bonded to the tooth but wear due to abrasive forces faster than surrounding tooth which leads to restoration failure.

Metal and plastic restorations are generally inexpensive.  Cast alloy (gold) and porcelain (lab processed and CEREC) restorations are more costly.  CEREC units which do not involve cusp tips are equivalent to an inlay.  Those involving cusp tips are equivalent to an onlay.  If the CEREC restoration involves more than 60% of the biting surface area, it may be considered equivalent to a crown.

The fee for a CEREC restoration varies with rural fees often lower that those seen in metropolitan areas.  Ask your dental provider for a comparison of fees for the different restorative options available for your case.

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