What is the Price Range for a Butt Lift Around the Los Angeles Area?

I want a brazilian Butt lift but I want to know the price range and what it includes. Does it go by height and weight? I am jus starting my research and I want to get it done within a month and a half. What are good questions to ask the doctor?

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Butt Lift Price Quote

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Thank you for your question. There are many options available, and the amount of fat harvested, and the amount of fat transferred is all a factor. In addition, the difficulty of harvesting, and time consumed is a large factor. Thus, see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who does fat transfer, and discuss the options.  Plan on starting prices of at least 8-10K, and up.  I hope this helps.

Brazilian butt lift

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It really depends on how much work has to be done in order to liposuction enough fat.  If you have lots of fat, then it takes less time to liposuction and retrieve enough fat to work with.  If many areas have to be suctioned, then it is more time consuming, more difficult, and thus more expensive.  See my site belwo for videos of the procedure and before and after pictures.

Buttock Lift

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Probably the most important thing to know is that a Brazilian Buttock Lift is actually and more technically a form of buttock augmentation (or enlargement).  Buttock augmentation can be surgically and safely achieved by two different methods: 1) Brazilian Butt Lift or 2) Buttock Implants.  With Brazilian Buttock Lift, fat is transferred from one or several areas of your body to the buttocks.  Because it requires a relatively large amount of fat (about 50+% will melt away within the first year), most patients are not a good candidate for this procedure because they do not have enough fat to transfer from other areas.  And do not let a surgeon convince you to gain weight for this procedure because as soon as you lose weight back down to your baseline guess what fat melts away first - exactly, the fat you gained and transferred to your buttock.  For those without enough fat, Buttock Implants is a safe, reliable, and permanent result especially when the implant is place UNDER THE GLUTEUS MAXIMUS MUSCLE.  The key here is to only go to a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in both procedures so that you can get an unbiased professional opinion about what may suit your needs and desires best.

The cost of Buttock Implants at my office is typically $8500, Brazilian Buttock Lift is anywhere from $8500 and up depending upon how much fat must be harvested.

Best of luck...RAS

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