I Need a Price Quote for a Tuberous Breast Correction (Lift) and Also BRAVA System?

I am interested in getting a number range of to how much it would cost me to get a lift to correct my tuberous breasts (Under Local Anesthesia) and also get the BRAVA system to increase breast size (I don't intend on fat grafting afterwards.) Are there any payment options for people who can't afford to pay up front? Also, I have heard mixed feedback...in which order would I get the lift and use BRAVA? For how long might I need to use BRAVA for permanent cup increase?

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BRAVA for tuberous breast correction does work

First, I want to clarify some misinformation posted on this page. It has been stated without any supporting argument that BRAVA for tuberous breast correction does not work. What seems obvious is that some do not understand how BRAVA works. You can visit the web link posted below to see some of our before and after photos of patients we have been able to help with your same situation. Second, the issues with a tuberous breast is that tissue is constricted. It needs to be released. This is EXACTLY what the BRAVA tissue expander does, it expands the breast tissue. Many breast deformities are the result of internal scar tissue that contracts and distorts the breast and tissue around it. The tubular breast is the result of a congenital band around the base of the breast. We use 3 different methods to help free this internal scar. 

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Brava and Lift for Tuberous Breast

You seem to know what you want by being very specific with items.  Tuberous Breast surgery is not something new.  The Brava system has been around awhile, but you won't find many people using it because it doesn't help for what you describe.  If you had some pictures that would help also because not everyone will need a lift for Tuberous Breast Deformity.  Lastly most people will need an implant with Tuberous Breast Deformity.  Since prices vary considerably around the country it is best if you have a consultation with 2 or 3 plastic surgeons in your area to get representative idea of cost.  As for payment options, carecredit is offered by many plastic surgeons.  You can contact them online or by phone for more information.  Good Luck.

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The Brava system has been around now for about ten years, enough time to know something about it, namely, it doesn't work.  Sorry, it is still wishful thinking that originated with the Austin Powers movies.  For more specific information on the surgery you might need I would need to see photos.

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You wont need any BRAVA if you see video/ tu no requeririas ninguna "BRAVA"

for tuberous breasts  correction try  mastopexy augmentation 5th generation wonderfull quick and amazing  results minimum scary

tu no requeririas  ninguna brava  es mejor tratar la mastopexia  de aumento 5a  generacion no cicatrices  grandes

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The cost varies by region and individual surgeon.  A lot depends on what you need to give you the optimal result.  I would suggest a consultation with a plastic surgeon in your area. The Brava is not the most common procedure offered by plastic surgeons, so you will have to find one to accommodate you.

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Tuberous Breast Correction with Lift

I don't think you could get full correction of tuberous breast doing a procedure under local.  I think if you really don't want general anesthesia, you could find someone to do it with IV sedation - but it depends on what all needs to be done to correct the deformity.  I usually charge about $6,000 for a breast lift which includes OR, anesthesia and surgeon fees.  I don't use BRAVA.  BRAVA will get you minimal increase in size when used alone and I don't think you will ever get a permanent increase without continuing it.  Best of luck!  

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BRAVA and tuberous breast correction

There are a variety of severity classes for tuberous breast anatomy. My treatment protocol for most patients has been peri-areolar mastopexy and scoring of the breast tissue, placement of form stable implant, and possibly some fat grafting. I use the BRAVA device for pre-expansion,  but follow up with fat grafting in patients that are not interested in a breast implant. Personally, I think my results are better using a breast implant in tuberous breast cases.

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