How to Prevent Recurring Rippling from Breast Augmentation?

Hello! 4 years ago, I had a subglandular Breast augmentation with moderate Saline implant. After 3 years, I had sagging breast with rippling implants.

6 months ago, I had a breast revision. I had a vertical lift with moderate Silicone gel implants (subglandular). I am having the same problem I had before my first surgery, right now I have rippled breast implants and I am thinking about going for another revision. Please tel me your suggestions. Thanks, Michelle.

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Recurrent rippling with breast implant augmentation.

The use of high profile silicone implants in a submuscular position may diminish the risk of rippling. In some instances fat grafting has been used but is not a popular procedure and does have is not without risk

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Breast Implant rippling

In order to prevent rippling or palpation with breast augmentation, I would recommend implants placed submuscularly using silicone gel implants. Usually after 1 month, the implants still need to settle down. Many patients choose to wear the bra for support a little longer. Signs of infection may include fevers, chills, redness, or abnormal swelling.

Michael Horn, MD
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You might need sub-muscular placement for breast implants


If you still have ripples after going from saline-filled to silicone gel implants, you likely need more soft tissue coverage of your implants. If there is healthy muscle in there, then a switch to sub-muscular placement might help make the problem less pronounced. Some times the muscle is not usable, so this does not always work, but might be worth a shot.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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You need moderate PLUS profile or high profile implants.


In New York , we don't use "moderate" profile silicone gel breast implants, because these are really low profile, and they are underfilled and can cause rippling.

We have not seen rippling with either moderate plus profile or high profile implants.


George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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