How do I prevent / reduce scaring after CO2 fractional laser resurfacing around the eyes? (photo)

Hi, I am about 15 days post procedure. My skin is bright red (photos uploaded don't capture full redness). It appears a scar is forming by my eye, and I feel raised areas (like other scars are starting to form), and skin looks mottled. I'm losing trust in the Dr. who did this, been back a number of times put on creams I reacted to etc. I just want a 2nd opinion on what I can do to prevent / reduce scar formation? Can I apply a silicon gel to the area? Thanks.

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Redness after CO2 laser can last for quite a while.

IF you have especially fair skin, expect to stay red for several weeks. And the eyelid skin is the thinnest on the face, so this area will heal the slowest.  I have patients use a heavy moisturizer initially such as Vaseline or Aquafor for at least 7-10 days.  Then you can usually switch to a regular moisturizer.  However if you still feel quite dry, keep up with the Vaseline.  You may want to ask your doctor about adding a mile steroid cream at this stage as it will help to keep any scars from forming and may help to decrease the redness.  If you start to form any firm scars, your surgeon may also try steroid injections.

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Laser Resurfacing

It is not unusual to have redness (erythema) in the treated area 2 weeks after laser resurfacing.  It is probably best to follow the guidance, reassurance, and advice of your Doctor at this point, because you are still very early in the healing process.  Eyelid skin is extremely thin, and some degree of irritation is expected.

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