What Can I Do to Prevent my Upper Lip Raising More on One Side with No Intention? (photo)

The right side of my upper lip tends to sit higher than the left side. Even when I relax my face there is a noticeable difference in the height if each side. Also, what can be done to sort the gap out between my two front teeth? My dentist says that braces would be a waste of time as they would cause gaps elsewhere, and has said that I should wait for wisdom teeth to come through. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Many thanks, Tommy.

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Lip Assymetry

Thank you for the photos. My thoughts:

  • In the photo, your right upper lip is pulled up slightly more than the left.
  • this suggests that a small muscle, the levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle which lifts the lip and nose is short or over-active.
  • A Botox injection directly into this muscle may relax it.
  • For the tooth gap, consult both an orthodontist and a cosmetic dentist. Treatment ranges from concealing it with cosmetic bonding material to braces and bands. Hope this helps!

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