How Do I Prevent my Skin from Flaring Up During Revision Rhinoplasty? (photo)

My last PS said when he cut into my skin it flared up, he said I just had sensitive skin. I don't know if that was a hindrance to him or what exactly he was getting at or why he mentioned it to me. That was 10 years ago so he doesn't remember and I just want to make sure I prepare my nose if I can by eating well, exercising, & applying skin cream or aloe or whatever else is necessary. This will be my 3rd rhino. On the outside my skin looks fine. How can I prevent a flare up on my next surgery?

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Prevention of Skin Flaring Up During Revsion Rhinoplasty

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I have no idea what your surgeon meant when he said that your skin did "flare up during  your previous rhinoplasty. Ask him to clarify his comments or see a dermatologist to rule out any skin diseases. Then you can decide if you want to have a revision.

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