Prevent Chin Implant Erosion?

What are the common safety measures to prevent chin implant erosion? Are there better sucess rates for certain techniques or types of implants that others?

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Preventing chin implant bone erosion

The x-ray finding of minimal bone erosion with silicone implants isn't typically clinically significant. I typically leave the periosteum (bone covering) on the chin bone underlying the central part of the implant to help provide some additional protection there.

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Chin Implant and Bone Erosion

There is radiographically documented subtle bone erosion with silastic chin implants.  The resorption is believed to be less with PTFE (Goretex) implants, but silastic implants are not porous and are easier to manage in the event of an infection.  Is there a way to prevent this radiographic finding?  Not that I am aware of.  However, in a healthy patient with adequate bone mass, bone resorption does not typically present clinical problems.  I have seen a number of patients with chin implants in place for 20 plus years without incident.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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